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Hi there…I’m in the middle of upgrading my site after a long time away. Apologies for any inconsistencies. : )

AngelSpirit Creative Healing Education is part of a dream I have of assisting people to live in and from their authentic selves. I’ve written a book that will assist you to heal from the past, be your authentic self and reclaim your soul potential…to live in your truth and do what your soul came here to do at this time on the planet.

My ebook  Are You Really Happy? Understanding Ourselves edition 2 is available now from Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks and other well known eBook retailers. You can download a free sample and try before you buy.

Have a look at what readers think about the book.

I use all of my life experiences to learn more about who I am and to the do healing and processing I need to do for myself. My internal witness is observing my thoughts, actions and reactions, making choices and reflecting on how I feel and what I am thinking. My Blog is focused on chats about exploring life from the inside out by using this method of self reflection.

Depression is something we all suffer with from time to time. Sometimes depression is a slight greyness on our lives and sometimes for some of us it’s a horrible shade of black! If you suffer from depression, discover how to heal, start by reading a free chapter from my book, Are You Really Happy? Understanding Ourselves. 


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