Cleanse the body

Cleanse the body – raise the vibration

There are numerous ways to cleanse the cells of our bodies. Here are a few…

  • Drink lots of water
    • I drink at least 2 litres of filtered and energised tap water per day. It will cleanse the body by flushing out the toxins.
    • If you are not used to drinking very much water, just up the amount by a glass a day until you reach the optimum amount.
  • Exercise
    • Try getting up half an hour earlier and go for a quick 15 minute walk to somewhere and back. I find this early morning walk makes a positive impact on my whole day
  • Yoga
    • Sign up for some Basic Classes to get you started. Even doing a few salutes to the sun every morning can energise you and refresh you after a night’s sleep. It gets your blood moving around your body and your organs get a workout.
    • Improves joint movement
  • Conscious Breathing
    • It’s amazing how shallowly most people breathe. Try being aware of your breath for a few minutes and see how far down into your body you send your breath without discomfort.
    • If you can’t breath down into the bottom of your belly it will probably be because you are holding onto trauma. Unconsciously blocking your experience of being in your body to avoid the pain of the trauma also affects your bodies ability to cleanse itself with oxygen. Reading my book will assist you to move through this unconscious blocks.
  • Spirulina 
    • I found Spirulina to be of great benefit in my healing from CFS.
      • I put on 20 kilos (I needed to I was far to skinny for my height)
      • All round, my health improved dramatically after the first three months of taking it.
    • Read up on Spirulina here
  • Detoxes ; Liver
    • If our livers aren’t functioning properly we won’t be at our best.
    • Liver function tests (performed on a blood sample) are not a very good indicator that you need to cleanse your liver. Livers are 7 times bigger than they need to be for the size of our bodies so by the time there are indicators that your liver is in distress you are well overdue for a liver cleanse.
    • Have a look here for more information
  • Gall Bladder
    • I have experienced digestive problems on and off for probably half my adult life or longer. (ie. bloating, burping, burning sensation in the back of my throat, no appetite, sluggish digestion)
    • When I do a gall bladder cleanse, my digestive problems disappear!
    • I do a gall bladder cleanse with lemon juice, olive oil and apple juice.
  • Diet
    • Staying off carbohydrates and diary products seems to keep my gall bladder happy. Which is what is recommended for my blood type.
      • Check your blood type diet information here
      • For me an all round start from square one diet-cleanse process is with the Ten Day Prove It Yourself Raw Energy Dietfrom the book RAW ENERGY by Leslie and Susannah Kenton. (I can’t see whether this particular book is still available but she has written other books with similar themes)
  • Healing emotional wounds that cause negative thoughts
    • These old wounds were a significant factor in what was causing my toxic liver.
    • Read my book to gain insights into how you can heal
  • Be around healthy uplifting people
    • Who do you spend most of your time with?  Are they people that support and encourage you in your endeavours to heal and be the best person you can be – which is your authentic self?
    • Positivity begets positivity
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