Having fun yet?

I’m moving into a new time in my life. A whole new cycle has begun and I’m feeling excited!

After living out of main stream society for 20 years (since 1992) I’m feeling happy as I step onto my soul’s pathway out into the world.

It has been a long road to walk and sometimes I couldn’t walk. Sometimes I felt the best I could do was drag myself and other times I just stopped and prayed for the will to live.

I’ve healed from long term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with many other health complications, physical and emotional ones. Mental illness was also part of the personal obstacle course I was set to either ride through or die on.

Here I am – brand new day!

In this blog I’d like to share with you my experiences of healing, my understanding about how we can each personally heal ourselves, once we have made the firm commitment to be on the healing path. I’m not talking about the 70% commitment ‘ as long as it doesn’t interfere with me having fun’. 

I found myself thinking one day at the kitchen sink, ‘I am 90% committed to living my spiritual pathway’. Then I wondered what was happening to the other 10%. You know what I found? Fear. I was frightened of fully engaging myself to living 100% of the time in a life based on spirituality.

I’m talking about the 100% commitment in each and every moment. To live our destiny path, to follow the unknown and often magical pathway of the soul. Our soul’s heart yearning. Let me be clear right here – fun – is very much a part of the journey. In fact, the question, ‘Am I having fun yet?’ is a tool to find your truth in each and every moment.

Are you having fun yet? Have a fun day!

More soon… 

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