How do we follow our hearts?

How do we follow our hearts?

How do we follow our hearts when most us spend most of our time in our heads? Recently, I found myself helping a friend find out how to follow her heart. Nicky was trying to decide whether to make a commitment to do a year long course. It would push her and take her out of her comfort zones, it was about spiritual enlightenment and she wanted that. It would be a big day of driving once a week for most of the year. It would take time away from her family. All these things she was weighing up, trying to make the ‘right’ decision.

As Nicki told me all the pros and cons, I watched her body and facial expressions. She was obviously experiencing stress.

I asked her, ‘Why do you want to go?’

‘Because every body else is, I know I’ll learn heaps, because if I don’t go I’ll miss out…’ – you know the kinds of thoughts we have about decisions like this. Then she said, ‘I just feel confused! How do I know what is the right decision to make?’

We, often hear ‘follow your heart’ but how does one do that? For centuries our culture has been driven to work it all out in our heads.

‘How does it make you feel when you think of going?’ I asked.


‘Now how does it make you feel, when you think of not going?’

‘Relieved! I just want to be on track with my soul’s journey!’

‘Okay. What you need to look for is the Yay! Factor’ I said. ‘So instead of trying to sort it all out in your head, you need to find out how you feel about your options.’ The guide to your soul’s path, is in your heart, not your head. So when you feel excitement, yay, fun, good vibes etc…that’s your heart talking. It talks to you in feelings…not words.’

‘Wow.’ Nicki said. ‘That’s so simple! I’ve made my decision. I’m not going. Yay!’

How do we follow our hearts?

a true story…

Once upon a healing workshop, two friends were staying in a hideaway working on their stuff. Walking on isolated beaches, navel gazing and getting the tears and anger up and out. On day three (father’s day) they decided to go out and find somewhere nice to eat.  As they drove along (not knowing where they were going to find food) they decided to manifest exactly the right place. The driver was thinking that a big hamburger with the lot would totally satisfy her.

Hamburger with the lot

Hamburger with the lot

As they drove along they were looking for the signs. Not the ones we would normally read but following the angelic signs – significant personal symbols.
They watched what they were noticing on the drive, one pointed out lead-light windows, the other saw a picture of a dolphins on a garden wall, these were the signs of significance to them but after a while it seemed like the hamburger with the lot was not getting any nearer.

At a T-intersection the driver had stopped and was thinking…‘you know it’s not a hamburger I’m looking for, it’s the satisfaction of a nourishing meal.’ She made a out loud proclamation, ‘I desire to eat something that totally satisfies me and makes my tummy go yum!’

‘Yes!’ the passenger agreed, ‘that’s what I desire too!’

The driver then looked in both directions at the T-intersection, they were in the middle of a coastal residential area. With the desire firmly planted in her mind, she felt into her heart…which way felt the lightest? She turned first to left with her body and then right. Left and right again, each time feeling into her heart to see which way felt the lightest…definitely the right hand turn.

As they drove along they saw a dolphin wind chime, more lead light windows, a dolphin sculpture, the driver kept following the feeling in her heart…another turn left this time…a huge lead-light window that was so awe inspiring they both cried out in joy…and then a picture of dolphins on a sign that pointed to – the beach-cafe…

Situated right behind a lovely beach they found the cafe but it was noisy. The driver felt disappointed, ‘I need somewhere peaceful to eat.’ She asked the man behind the counter was there a quiet cafe in the area?

‘Come with me.’ He took the women through a set of heavy double doors and showed them to a quiet table inside a quiet dinning room. They smiled at each other.

This was father’s day and it wasn’t hamburgers…they both picked meals on the menu that just jumped out at them and they had the most satisfying lunch that made their tummy’s go yum. Happy Father’s Day!

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