Letting go

Letting go. Easier to say that, than to actually do it, when you first start becoming conscious of fear. If you are willing to let the past go, you can set an intention; This one works well for me: ‘I now let go of everything I no longer need’.

How stress and fear can make you feel

When you’ve been holding on your whole life, there’s a bit of self training to do in order to let go and keep letting go. Over the years of unconscious programming we have trained our cells to trap fear and hence create enormous amounts of stress in our bodies and in our lives. This response I liken to hanging onto something for fear of falling and dying.

The place where many of us experience ‘hanging on’ is in our gut and our solar plexus. If we take our awareness into our solar plexus there is a tension akin to gripping on to something.  That something is our fear. Little fears, big fears, it all amounts to great stress in our bodies and it won’t go away by ignoring it.

To let go of that tension, that gripping on, we need to take our awareness into that tense place and breathe. Breathe into that tight, hanging on feeling and be aware of the thoughts, inner dialogue and feelings that arise from this process.

Awareness of what you are feeling right now, in this moment, is halfway to letting it go.

When we listen to what our stress is telling us we may be surprised at the amount of stuff we have stuffed down. Put your hand over the stressed place and be still, keep the breath going as deep as you are able. Put your other hand on your forehead. This will keep you in the present moment, alleviating you from going back into any fear you are releasing. You are observing your feelings…you don’t need to buy back into the story of the fears that arise. This will start a process cellular healing. You are in a witness state, a conscious awareness, watching, observing but not buying into the story that is arising as the cells of your body release the stress they have been holding onto for years.

Be Here Now. Breathe. Witness. Be Still. Be Present. Keep Breathing. Smile. You are not dying. You are stepping into your power. Letting go.

Good on you, you are doing well!

Keep Breathing. : )

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