My Artwork

I’ve been using art as a way to heal for the last 14 years or so. I’m one of those kids who really wanted to draw cartoons but nobody would tell me how to draw, or what explanation I was given didn’t make sense. I gave up trying to draw at a very early age…around six years old.

After a long period of illness and isolation, I began to have memories of what I really wanted to do when I was a child so I did a cartooning course by correspondence and I started borrowing children’s picture books from the library. I’m still happily exploring the inner realms of my imagination, doing art courses, getting training through Youtube videos and giving myself permission to play with the pencils and paints as often as possible. I still meet that voice inside me that tells me ‘I can’t draw’ but you know what? I draw despite the voice and gradually it’s losing it’s ability to have any negative hold over me.



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