Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a multifaceted illness, with a wide range of symptoms. I have observed in myself and my clients that people with CFS are ‘acute sensitives’ and are carrying a large amount of trauma, resulting  in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dysfunction.

Dysfunction comes about when our bodies become overloaded and overwhelmed, no longer able to process or integrate information. If we choose to ignore early warning signals from our body, it has not choice but to create illness.

My first CFS symptoms started when I was twenty-eight. Not realising what was happening to me, I continued to work until I was thirty-two. Over that time, I gradually lost my quality of life. 

After many long years of healing, I am preparing to go back out into the world with my first book.

Many people who are diagnosed with CFS recover within a year or two. Some people, however, have a severe amount of underlying trauma that has never been addressed, and their symptoms can continue for many, many years – I was one of these people.

I got sick gradually, in layers and, I got well in layers. Adjusting my perspective away from the instantaneous pill-cure and moving into a body awareness approach has taken me on a journey into wellness. A big part of my healing journey was to learn to listen to my body. Our bodies have a natural and instinctive ability to heal themselves – emotionally, mentally, spiritually as well as physically – if we listen and follow the guidance we receive. 

Are You Really Happy? gives clear steps to healing from any chronic illness. Although the symptoms  may vary, the process is the same. 

My experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Unending tiredness – no matter how much I slept, I still woke up feeling exhausted
  • Difficulties with my memory – short and long term
  • Difficulties in concentration. I couldn’t remember things I’d just read, didn’t understand what I was reading and the lines of text appeared to swim before my eyes, I found I kept losing my place all the time
  • Severe migraines and vomiting
  • My reflexes became very sloppy
  • I would wake every morning with my hands curled up in loose fists which were very painful to uncurl
  • My muscles and joints ached
  • It was painful rolling over in bed
  • I had night sweats. My temperature would be go up and down and quite frequently I would find myself shivering in summer and then find I was experiencing hot flushes like severe embarrassment energy coursing through my body
  • Stomach spasms would lock up my solar plexus until eating was impossible and breathing even became very difficult at times
  • Walking up three flights of stairs to my home took half an hour, I had to keep sitting down to rest after every few steps
  • Lactic acid build-up would cause pain in all my muscles, hence walking more than a few steps became completely exhausting
  • When I came home after work, I had only enough energy to make myself food or get ready for bed…I’d choose bed every time

The list of symptoms goes on and on, and can be slightly different for each individual.

Useful Therapies

I accessed many therapies and tools in my recovery from CFS, including:

  • Colonic Irrigation
  • Naturopathy
  • Kinesiology
  • Iridology
  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Gentle massage
  • Psychic and intuitive healing
  • Rebirthing and lots more
  • Detoxing
  • Organic diet
  • Low carbohydrate diet
  • Filtered rainwater
  • Spirulina powder
  • Herbs and vitamins
  • Liquid Chlorophyll
  • Yoga
  • Anger release sessions

Of course I did not do all these forms of therapy at once. I went where it felt right for me to go when I was ready. The most important thing was to listen to my body and what it wanted and to follow my intuition.

I do recommend colonics as colon health is imperative for any long term improvement in a body’s functioning as well as  liver detoxing.

Live blood analysis will give you a quick indicator of what your body is dealing with. You’ll probably find a picture such as this:

comparison of healthy and unhealthy red blood cells

‘No wonder you feel like jumping out the window.’ said my practitioner when she saw the slide of my cells under the electro-microscope

‘…The red blood cells that carry oxygen around your system can’t get into the capillaries because the cells are so junked up with toxins. Your body is oxygen starved. Your can’t operate properly without the right oxygen levels in your blood.’  (Naturopath/Acupuncturist)

Also Drinking water and hydration

In a medium sized glass put a teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll, one centimetre of apple juice and fill with clean water. You could also put the same ratios of ingredients in a bottle that you drink from during the day. This will help you rid your body of toxins and help your body to properly hydrate. I drink between one and half and two litres of filtered rainwater per day. 

How do you know if you are properly hydrated? Pinch the skin on the back of your hand and then let go. If the skin shows an elastic response – bouncing back into place quickly, your body is hydrated. If the skin is slow to return to it’s normal place you are dehydrated.

Eat organically grown food. Try to eliminate as many chemicals in your life as possible.

Exercise was recommended by a doctor but it did more harm than good in the first few years of my healing. So I didn’t do it. I began to understand that my body had more intelligence about what was good for me than an “expert” who wasn’t living with CFS.

If you think you may have CFS find a sympathetic doctor who can assist you in finding the treatments that work for you and be supportive for you in your journey to wellness.

I am currently writing a book on CFS with specific sections for the suffer, the carer, and the practitioner.

Remember that illness is a result of dysfunction that begins on the emotional level. Are You Really Happy? helps you understand the underlying emotional issues of any illness.

Meanwhile if you have specific questions regarding this illness please email me:


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