Heaven to Earth

Heaven to Earth connection only happens through an awakened conscious. In a ever deepening understanding of my spirituality, I’ve become aware of the significance our connection to Mother Earth. This connection can support us throughout our life.

Heaven to earth connection through our bodies

Heaven to earth connection through our bodies

I’ve discovered that part of my feeling of balance and maintaining that, comes from having a conscious connection from heaven to earth. In this way I become a conscious conduit of divine energy from heaven to earth. This connection gives me more energy and through this connection the elementals (nature spirits) receive love and energy.

In my days of living in retreat from the world, when I was well enough, I would walk the dirt road of my rainforest haven and take each step consciously. A walking meditation to connect heaven to earth through my body…my vessel of divinity.

Having an awareness of our connection to all things and keeping a mindful watch over what we have power over (ourselves), we can practise and become At One with All There Is in each and every moment.

One small step at a time, one moment at a time…try it. Let me know how you go. Don’t beat yourself up about not doing it. Just practise when you remember and remember to practise, the more you do it, the more you will do it.  🙂

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