I provide a range of services for healing and self realisation.

My six week course Align With Your Soul Pathway will be run at Camden Haven Community College in Laurieton beginning Wednesday  February 10th  –  March 16th 6 – 8.30 pm. Call (02) 6559 6699 as soon as possible to book your place on the course. More courses can be run in your local area on the Mid North Coast by arrangement. Contact Ramise for more details.

Psychic Readings; Spiritual Counselling; Attunements; Cellular Memory Clearings; Past Life Retrieval; Intuitive Body Work

Psychic Readings

When I do a reading I ask for the information you most need at this point of time in your life for your highest good. Can be done via the phone, Skype or in person.

Spiritual Counselling

We are all Spirits having a human experience. With gentle understanding and empathy a client can comprehend the underlying reasons for their difficulties. Then in real practical ways, the client learns how to initiate positive change in their life. Can be done via the phone, Skype or in person.


A Personal Attunement is a “deep transformative healing that brings immediate results.” The attunements are performed while you relax on a massage table. They are unique to every individual.

How is a Personal Attunement done?

We have a chat about where you are in your life right now – the difficulties you may be having or the changes you would like to implement in your life. I assist you to set an appropriate intention for your session. Then you’ll lie on the massage table and I’ll lead you into a deeper sense of connection with your true self…

Using my highly developed intuitive and psychic skills, I work directly on your energetic bodies. I work with Spirit to align all your bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Much of my work is done directly with the neural pathways of the brain, clearing old beliefs and patterns of behaviour. After the Attunement, you will quickly and easily move beyond blocks and problems that you’ve struggled with for years. The Attunement can also release the stress that causes symptoms such as; difficulties in concentration, memory difficulties, emotional stress and physical disharmony.

Most clients experience a very deep sense of relaxation during their Attunement. Some tell me they have never felt so relaxed in their life. Others feel very energised.

Once you have the experience of this deepening of self, it becomes a bench mark to enable you to align yourself in your everyday life. You’ll begin to find that you will be more motivated to find balance in your life and discard the things that do not assist you to resonate in harmony with yourself.

Cellular Memory Clearings

The cells in our physical bodies have the ability to remember. Our light (energy) bodies are shut down by carrying the memory of trauma in our cells. When the past trauma in our lives and it’s effects are released from our cellular structure we can move into true health and happiness.

Past Life Retrieval work

Sometimes our problems with other people and situations are a carry over from an earlier lifetime. Heal present difficulties by taking a journey into the past to learn how you may effect permanent change in the present.

Intuitive Body Work

I have had extensive training with a group of ascended masters who are assisting us to manifest Heaven on Earth. Through a long period of personal healing and retreat from the world, I have raised my body’s vibration to a level at which I can be a conscious channel with those masters. If it is appropriate, they can and will use my body as a vehicle to directly work with you.


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