I found the book ‘Are You Really Happy’ of great solace during a difficult time in my life. Ramise shares her vulnerability with the reader as well as her wisdom and knowledge gained through sharing her own painful experiences.

The book is a page turner, really easy to read and follow and gives great clarity and simplicity to how we otherwise complicate our lives. She makes sense of the complex and breaks life’s experiences and journey into easy to understand concepts.

This book will provide tools and coping mechanisms to take throughout life if you want it.

Siobhan Kennedy HR Generalist


“I read a bit at a time and then put the book down to allow reflection on what I’ve read. It’s amazing, stuff will happen in the family life around me and I pick up the book to read from where I left off and I find I’m reading about what just happened! And it’s really easy to read, simple language. I’m not lending my copy to anyone!”

Karen. Bonny Hills


“I find I am reading about myself on every second page. You’ve taken a real risk to write this book but I feel it will be like Louise Hay’s books – people will get plenty of help from it on an ongoing basis.”

Corinne. Nelson Bay


“Your book makes sense and I think it’s really helping me.”

Kate. Laurieton

“I got the book, thanks. It’s great. I’ve read (properly) the first chapter and I’ve been having weird and wonderful dreams since. Dean (partner) likes the book too, congrats to Ramise for her success.”

Kim & Dean. Perth


“I keep the book on my bedside table and when I need help, I open it up to any page and sure enough, there’s exactly what I need to know.”

Teena. Nimbin


“Reading this book is just like having a chat with a good friend.”

Peppa. Nimbin


Reading Ramise’s Book “Are You Really Happy?” along with having regular attunements with her, has given me back the essence of me.

We are all covered in layers of defense we think are “us”. These layers can be worked through and on the other side we find we are “light” beings.

Ramise’s teachings have given me empowerment, self esteem and the freedom to be the creative loving being that is the essence of me. “Are You Really Happy” gives us all a reason to celebrate … Bless yourself with a copy!

Joy. Artist


This work can unlock and allow beings starting out on a precious journey, to feel absolutely safe and confident in their own process, to know it’s all okay. The wonderful steps and guidelines that a reader may choose to follow will blossom with their own particular creative genius to allow well-being, joy and happiness to freely flow easily and gently through them.

Denise G.  Federal NSW


Quotes from bookshops selling  Are You Really Happy?

I put your book on display at eye level at the front of the shop so when customers walked in they would see it straight away. Every person who picked up your book stood and browsed through it for awhile then bought it! I’ve run out of copies, send me more!

Denise N. The Bookshop Mullumbimby, NSW
(edition 1 was first released in 2004. Edition 2 has been tuned up and had another chapter added – see free chapter Depression. It is not available as a hard copy book at the moment. PDF copies and eBook copies will be available shortly. For more information please email Ramise )

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